Couldn’t get enough of these fabulous dress photos?  Well, lucky for you we’re back with even more!  Check out how these photographers got creative, shooting these gorgeous gowns on everything from a dreamy canopy bed, to inside an elevator!


Photo Credit: k. thompson photography

hanging-wedding-dress-in-mirror hanging-wedding-dress-from ceiling

Photo Credits: Laura Ashbrook Photography (left), Lisa Boggs Photography (right)


Photo Credit: Emily Chastain Photography

hanging-wedding-dress-over-bed hanging-wedding-dress-and-bridesmaid-dresses

Photo Credits: Korie Lynn Photography (left), Paired Images (right)


Photo Credit: Ever After Visuals


Photo Credit: Deb Lindsey Photography

hanging-wedding-dress-in-elevator hanging-wedding-dress-elevator

Photo Credit: k. thompson photography (left), egomedia photography (right)


Photo Credit: egomedia photography

hanging-wedding-dress-getting-ready hanging-short-wedding-dress-in-window

Photo Credits: Karen Disney Photography (left), theWAIREHOUSE (right)


Photo Credit Kristi Odom Photography

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