Cuteness overload alert!  Today’s post is all about dogs at weddings and it officially confirms that our four-legged friends can make for some of the best pictures, and most hilarious wedding moments!  If you’re inviting all your closest family and friends to celebrate with you, why not include man’s very best friend too?  Whether your dog steps in as ring bearer or just steals the shot in a few portraits, his (or her!) presence is sure to make you (and your guests) smile!


Photo Credit: Kathy Blanchard Photography


Photo Credit: Deb Lindsey Photography


Photo Credit: Deb Lindsey Photography

bride-with-dog dog-in-tux-at-wedding

Photo Credit: Abby Jiu Photography (left), Katie Stoops Photography (right)


Photo Credit: Charlotte Geary Photography

bride-and-groom-holding-dog dog-and-bridesmaid

Photo Credit: Adam Barnes Fine Art Photography (left), Vicki Grafton Photography (right)


Photo Credit: Joy Lyn Photography via Bellwether Events

dogs-at-weddings-golden-retriever jumping-dog-at-wedding

Photo Credit: Rebekah J. Murray Photography (left), Amy Raab Photography (right)


Photo Credit: Maria Vicencio Photography


Photo Credit: The Observatory

dog-on-brides-veil bride-and-groom-with-pugs

Photo Credits: Maria Vicencio Photography (left), Kate Triano Photography (right)


Photo Credit: Kate Triano Photography

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