We haven’t done much with video on the blog (yet).  I’ve been waiting for the right time, because trust me, I do love a good wedding video.  When Nikki sent over her save the date video for her upcoming wedding in DC, I thought:  no time like the present!  Nikkie and Dave’s video is personable, adorable and best of all: it was free!  Nikki made it on her MAC using the program iMovie.  I promise, it will be a great two minutes and 49 seconds out of your day!

From Nikki:  I put together this save the date video for our wedding at the DC War Memorial coming up in September.  It was a huge hit!  Friends forwarded it to friends and I keep getting compliments from people I’ve never met!  We are on a tight budget, and because half our guests are coming from overseas, we knew we would save some money on printing and postage by doing a video.  I still wanted to be sure people knew that we put energy into it.

My British fiance and I met while vacationing in Spain, so I wanted to stick with the long distance theme to tell our story.  I incorporated stop-motion photos (combined in iMovie), video from the day he proposed, and shots around DC where the wedding will be held.  Best of all, all of this was shot with my tiny digital camera!  I taught myself iMovie in a few hours and it was pretty simple.  I think it is a great example to other budget brides that the “wow” factor can be achieved regardless of budget.

If you can’t see the video above, here is the direct link to YouTube:  Nikki + Dave’s Washington DC DIY Save the Date Video

What do you think?  Totally adorable!  Thank you so much, Nikki and Dave for sharing your sweet DIY save the date wedding video with us!

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