We shared Nikki and Dave’s video (If you haven’t seen it already, you should go check it out here.  It is super cute, I promise!!) earlier this morning.  In order to get their post up I was doing some research.  Nikki and Dave will be married this fall on the National Mall in Washington, DC.   It occurred to me that there might be other couples out there who are also interested in having their wedding ceremony on the Mall or other national parks and monuments in DC.  Here is what I found from the National Park Service.  I hope this helps in your quest for the perfect wedding venue in DC!


Photo Credit:  Kate Haus Photography

There are three locations on the National Mall (This includes the Mall itself and all of the monuments, like the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument.) in DC where you are allowed to have your wedding ceremony (not your reception, just your ceremony).  The locations are:

  1. The west lawn of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial;
  2. The George Mason Memorial; and
  3. The DC War Memorial.

A wedding ceremony on the National Mall is considered “special use” and you must fill out this permit application and pay a non-refundable $50.  (You can also find the Special Use Permit application here on the National Park Service website.)  You might also find this Special Event Guidelines document from the National Park Service helpful in your wedding planning.

We also checked in with our recent bride, Nikki, and she offered this advice about getting married on the Mall:  It’s important to note that there are constant construction issues with the National Mall.  That is what pushed our wedding from May to Sept, and they will still be working on the reflecting pool.  It requires alot of patience to get in touch with the office [National Park Service].  And, you can’t serve drinks, have amplification devices, hang/nail/tape anything up.”

Keep in mind that having your wedding ceremony on the National Mall is different than taking your engagement pictures, or stopping by one of the monuments to have pictures taken on your wedding day.  But, that’s another post for another day!  You’ll have to check in with your photographer about those rules.

Also, the National Mall and the monuments are separate from the local parks operated by the local DC city government.  If you are interested in becoming married at one of the local parks in Washington, DC, you might need to go through DC Parks and Recreation here for a permit.

So, there you have it:  how to get married on the Mall!  Hope this helps!


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