Oh do we have not only fun ideas, but some really pretty pictures, for you today!  (Even the not-so-crafty ones are going to love this!)  I have been working on and thinking about this post for months, and I mean months.  I think it was snowing out when I first asked local calligrapher Michele from Meant to be Calligraphy to make a wooden stamp out of her gorgeous hand lettering.

The little things do add up in wedding planning, especially in the Washington, DC area where things can get pricey quickly.  One really great, affordable way to give your wedding a personal touch, is to use a customized wooden stamp.  For example, instead of buying napkins printed with your monogram, stamp ’em yourself!  (See here where I did this for a party of my own!)  The options for using a stamp truly are endless!  If you start with a gorgeous stamp, you can create personalized items quickly with little effort or skill.  (Believe me, even DIY can get pricey and difficult!)

Michele from Meant to be Calligraphy made a wooden stamp using her “Jackson” style with my last name:  the Smiths.  (Yes, I’m really am a Smith!)  I went neutral with just our last name, so that the stamp would have lots of uses for a wedding and beyond.  The ladies, Amber and Emily, at Amber Karson Events came up with some fun ideas for how to use a custom stamp.  Abby Jiu took some beautifully inspiring photos of their stamp creations.  Take a look:



From Emily: When Juli first mentioned her personalized calligraphy stamp from Meant to be Calligraphy, we began brainstorming all the fun ways to use it!  I’ve been working with rubber stamps for years now – creating hand crafted invitations for clients.  In fact, one of the four suitcases I brought when moving from west to east was FULL of rubber stamps, embossing powders, and fun supplies galore!  While my primary focus at Amber Karson Events is planning these days, I still occasionally make time to hand craft a few select invitation and note cards orders each year.

We were flattered when Juli asked us to share our ideas with the fabulous United With Love readers!  Amber and I teamed up with Abby Jiu Photography and had a wonderful afternoon capturing a few (of many) ways to get multi-use out of a single stamp to help personalize any event.

Note cards
There is nothing better than getting a hand written note in the mail.  Dress it up by stamping your name with a coordinating ink color.


Cocktail Napkin
Use your new stamp to dress up a cocktail napkin.  Pass out your signature drink during cocktail hour with it or have a stack on the bar.


hand-made-cocktail-napkin-Abby-Jiu-Photography wedding-cocktail-napkin-with-wooden-stamp-Abby-Jiu-Photography

Gift Set

A personalized rubber stamp makes an adorable gift for any bride or groom to be!  Paired with note cards, ink, a cute pen and postage stamps – that big pile of thank you notes just got a whole lot more fun!  Looking for another cute idea?  Get two stamps made:  1.  “The Future”  2.  “Mrs. Pitt.”  Your bride-to-be can use the new stamp both before and after the big day!


DIY-thank-you-present-with-wooden-stamp-Abby-Jiu-Photography thank-you-present-for-wedding-with-stamp-Abby-Jiu-Photography

Just moments after your first kiss, show off your new name to your wedding by stamping a toss-cone filled with petals.  Have fun walking down the aisle as newlyweds!  (You can use personalized cones for a DIY popcorn or candy bar too!)

DIY-wedding-cones-with-wooden-stamp-Abby-Jiu-Photography custom-wooden-stamp-for-notecards-Abby-Jiu-Photography

Create fun tags to dress up gifts, recipes, drink stations.  The possibilities are endless!


DIY-wedding-drink-tags-with-wooden-stamp-Abby-Jiu-Photography hand-calligraphy-custom-wooden-stamp-Abby-Jiu-Photography

Here is a great tip: Stamping can be done with a regular ink pad or combined with embossing powder for a raised effect.  Mix and match inks and powders for various looks!  One of our favorites is pink ink with a gold embossing powder overlay.



So, pretty, right?  What are some other ideas for using a custom stamp?

If you are in the market for a custom stamp or a DC-area based calligrapher, check out Michelle’s hand-lettering on her website or visit her Etsy shop to purchase a stamp.

The following DC-area vendor contributed to this shoot:

Custom Stamp:  Meant to be Calligraphy (or Etsy shop to order stamps)
Styling + Ideas:  Amber Karson Events
Photography:  Abby Jiu Photography

Looking for more ideas and inspiration?  Be sure to feast your eyes on our galleries!

Photo Credits:  Abby Jiu Photography

* Abby Jiu Photography and Amber Karson Events are a few of our fabulous sponsors.  For information on our editorial policies, please click here.


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