We didn’t want to stop with inspiration and accessories, so we’re wrapping up our mini series on short wedding hairstyles with advice from Amie of Amie Decker Beauty.  If you remember from last week, one of our readers wrote us with questions about how to style her short hair for her wedding.  We went straight to the local MD, VA and DC area wedding experts!  Amie is here with her top five tips for styling super short ‘dos.  (P.S. The bride in the below photo has really short hair, but you’d never know with her bangs pulled back in faux up-do by Amie Decker Beauty!) Take it away, Amie:


Photo Credit: David Hartcorn Photography

1. Use accessories

The A to Z of accessories for short hair was already mentioned during a fabulous post on United With Love last week, but it is worth mentioning accessories again.  The easiest way to dress up and add interest to a short ‘do is by adding a headband, broach, flower, cage veil etc.  Keep your hair color in mind when choosing the color of your accessory as well.  Something white looks great with dark hair, but if you have light hair you may want to choose an accessory with a color or more bling.

2. Add texture

Adding volume or some wave to short hair can create texture, which can add more interest.  If you normally straighten your hair, then adding some romantic waves can result in some unexpected glamour.

3. Change up the bangs

If you have a very short “Pixie” cut then there may not be much bang to play with, but by changing the direction of your bangs it can create an entirely different look than your daily style.  If you want to try a style that is a little more special and accessories are not your thing, just try pinning your bangs back or sweeping them to the side.

4. Have a consultation

If you have a short haircut, you probably go to a stylist pretty regularly who you trust.  So, that is a great place to start.  While you are in the salon ask your stylist if they have any recommendations on how to style your hair for the wedding day.  If you have a long time before the wedding and are contemplating growing your hair out, go ahead and schedule a trial with a wedding day stylist to see if you can create the look that you want while keeping the cut that you love.  Why go through the headache of growing out your hair if it is not necessary?

5. Go for dramatic makeup

If all else fails and you just do not feel like yourself without your everyday hair do, then play up the makeup!  Trust me, radiant makeup dresses up any hairstyle (no matter what length).


Thanks so much, Amie!  If you are in need of some hair and make-up help on your wedding day, be sure to check out Amie and the glamorous team at Amie Decker Beauty.

For more tips from the top wedding professionals in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia, visit our advice pages.

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