It is finally summer and we are celebrating with a totally adorable, retro inspired photo shoot!  Michelle of Meringue Design and Lisa Marie of Sweet Tea Photography collaborated on this vibrant red and aqua picnic and it’s the perfect inspiration for weddings, showers and anniversary celebrations alike!  I don’t know what I like more about this, the crafty decor, the scrumptious desserts or the fun and casual place settings.  Summer brides and shower hosts… take note!


retro-red-turquoise-picnic retro-red-turquoise-picnic-place-setting

retro-red-turquoise-picnic-tablescape retro-red-turquoise-picnic-lolipops

From Michelle: For a fun DIY project, try making flowers out of cupcake wrappers of any color! The streamers on the back of the seats were made of folded doilies to give the chairs a special touch. You can find cheap and affordable accessories at Home Goods and can save a lot of money with the cute DIY projects.

retro-red-turquoise-picnic-diy-cupcake-wrapper-flowers retro-red-turquoise-picnic-diy-hanging-decor

retro-red-turquoise-picnic-candy retro-red-turquoise-picnic-tablescape

The beverages served were Boylan’s Creamy Red Birch Beer, which we found at Buzz Bakery in Old Town Alexandria. The soda is made with real cane sugar and tastes delicious! The snack spread included strawberries, raspberry candies, cookies, and red and white swirled lollipops to match the theme.


retro-red-turquoise-picnic-cookies retro-red-turquoise-picnic-diy-chair-decor

retro-red-turquoise-picnic-tablescape retro-red-turquoise-picnic-soda-bottles

Photo Credits: Sweet Tea Photography

Thank you so much, Michelle and Lisa Marie for sharing this fun summer inspiration with us!

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