Oh the camera.  It is dreaded.  I’m one of those people who jumps out of the way when the camera comes around.  But, your wedding is one day that you’ll want to be front and center.  You’ve got the hair and the make-up and the fancy duds.  Time to show if off!  We heard from photographers that a trick to easing up in front of the lens is to find a photographer that you personally click with and trust.  But, for even more camera help, Stephanie from Bradshaw Styling – a Maryland-based stylist for people, places and parties – is here today to share some tips for looking good in front of that camera on your wedding day.  She goes beyond the beauty tips, and gives you the true how-to goods.  Take it away, Stephanie:

Photo Credit:  Procopio Photography

Dressing clients for special occasions is one of our favorite things to do, whether an engagement shoot or wedding.  There is always the added challenge of not only finding the perfect attire, but perfecting the pose in front of the camera.  Here are a few helpful hints to becoming picture perfect:

Adjust Your Posture
Although seemingly simple, improving your posture is one of the quickest and easiest ways to look your best in photos.  Lengthening your spine and pulling your shoulders back will instantly make you look thinner and more confident.

Head Placement
Pay close attention to the tilt and angle of your head, we suggest lifting your chin slightly to avoid the dreaded “double chin” effect.

Body Positioning
The position of your body should be comfortable, and event-appropriate.  Angling your body away from the camera and placing a hand on the hip does wonders for your arms and waistline while looking natural and relaxed.  Add drama (or show off a fabulous outfit) by turning away from the camera and peeking over your shoulder.

Work What You Have
Flash your pearly whites, dazzle the camera with your baby blues, and enjoy yourself.  The best photos include natural, happy people who don’t appear to be obsessing over every wrinkle, bulge or blemish. Have fun and consider a simple prop or two to personalize your images, telling a story and bringing a little added character to your session.

Practice Makes Perfect
Before your big day, slip into your planned outfit and practice posing for your best critic…yourself!  Find out what clothing flatters your body, and learn to work with the challenges you may face.  Work on a natural smile and perfect your signature pose!


Thank you so much, Stephanie!  For more tips or if you are looking for some help with styling yourself, your event (even your home!), be sure to check out Bradshaw Styling.  Also, don’t miss Stephanie’s recent ultra-glam tablescape!

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