We’re back with more for those of you pixie loving, brides-to-be out there with short hair!  (Check our part one’s reader request for short hair inspiration here.)  This time we went straight back to Virginia-based couture accessory designer Liv of Enchanted Atelier, who stopped by last week to show brides of all hair types how to wear the ever-so gorgeous cage veil.  So, whether you have a pixie cut or the perfect bob, she’s got you covered in the hair accessory department!  Take it away, Liv:

short-hair-wedding-accessories-enchanted-atelier short-hair-wedding-accessories-enchanted-atelier

When selecting your hair accessories for your wedding it is not only important to select the designs you love, but also consider how the design will work best with your hair type and style.  Short hairstyles are chic and can be styled perfectly with the right accessories.  Below are my top picks for a short hairstyle:


The headband is a sure thing for short hairstyles.  It will not slip off and will look very distinguished with your style.

Headband Tips:

  • A heavier flower, feather, Swarovski pendant, or comb can almost always be attached to a thin headband frame.  You will have the same look as if the piece is placed in your hair without worrying if it will stay in place.
  • A fitted metal band may seem tight, but can be gently bent out to reduce the pinching that some headbands may cause. This is best done by a professional to make sure the design is not broken.


Cage Veils

Many brides love a fashionable cage veil but may shy away when they are considering this with a short hairstyle.  Most cage veils can be attached to a thin headband rather than a comb.  The headband will disappear once placed in your hair and the cage veil will stay securely in place.

Cage Veil Tip:  When selecting your cage veil; it looks best when it is draped diagonally across your face.  Make sure the veil is attached to the headband so that it will lay properly when placed on your head.  For more advice on the cage veil, visit here.

Hairpins/Alligator Clips

A delicate set of bobby-pins with Swarovski or pearl detail can add the perfect touch to a short hairstyle.  Sweep away the sides with a few sets of these pins to create your signature look.

Hairpin Tip:  Bobby-pins (hairpins) come in various lengths and sizes.  Make sure to use smaller and very tight pins when styling with a short hairstyle

short-hair-wedding-accessories-enchanted-atelier short-hair-wedding-accessories-enchanted-atelier

When your accessories work with your look you will be sure to convey effortless style on your wedding day!


So, who’s ready to cut all their hair off for the big day?  Ok, we don’t suggest making a drastic change right before your wedding, but for those of you out there already sporting a shorter style, now you know how to spice it up and bling it out for your wedding!

Thanks so much Liv!  Be sure to check out all of Enchanted Atelier‘s couture accessories, including veils, headpieces and sashes.  In the Washington, DC area, you can find Enchanted Atelier‘s pieces at Hitched in Georgetown.  (Speaking of, Hitched is hosting a styling night on June 23rd with Liv. They just added more time slots, so book your appointment ASAP!)

Photo Credits:  Laurie Bracewell Photography


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