We’re feeling the heat this week and it looks like summer has (unofficially) begun!  For those of you who’ve chosen to wed in this fun-in-the-sun season, how about letting classic summer treats inspire your dessert choices?  We’ve already talked gelato here, but if you’re feeling nostalgic, offer a banana split bar, cotton candy and ice cream sandwiches, or pass around mini milkshakes and popsicles to those on the dance floor!  Berries are another famous summer craving, try strawberry shortcake or fruity sorbet!  Just think cool, frozen and refreshing!


Photo Credit: Sweet Tea Photography


Photo Credit: Holland Photo Arts

summer-wedding-desserts-gelato-bar summer-wedding-desserts-banana-split

Photo Credits: Armin DeFiesta Photography (left), Michelle Lindsay Photography (right)


Photo Credit: Michelle Lindsay Photography

summer-wedding-desserts-rootbeer-floats summer-wedding-desserts-root-beer-floats

Photo Credits: Holland Photo Arts (left), {a}strid photography (right)


Photo Credit: Holland Photo Arts

summer-wedding-desserts-malted-milkshakes summer-wedding-desserts-milkshakes

Photo Credits: Martha Stewart (left), Michelle Lindsay Photography (right)


Photo Credit: {a}strid photography

summer-wedding-desserts-popsicles summer-wedding-desserts-sorbet

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart (left, right)


Photo Credit: Stephanie Ascari Photography

summer-wedding-desserts-fruit-topped-cheesecake summer-wedding-desserts-italian-ice

Photo Credits: Katie Stoops Photography (left), Martha Stewart (right)


Photo Credit: Janice C. Photography

summer-wedding-desserts-citrus-basil-bundt-cake summer-wedding-desserts-strawberry-shortcake

Photo Credits: Abby Jiu Photography (left), Katie Stoops Photography (right)

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