They are so chic and so pretty.  We are talking cage veils today.  You know, those cute little, retro inspired veiled numbers that are adorning the most stylish of brides.  (Don’t know what a cage veil is or confused about veils, in general, check out this veil primer from Brides.)  When it comes to wearing a cage veil, in particular, you can either get it right, or you can get it terribly wrong.  We have Liv, wedding accessory designer for Enchanted Atelier, based in Virginia, to give us the scoop on how to wear a cage veil and what to look for when purchasing a cage veil. (Yay for more local wedding designers like moi!) In the DC area, you can find Enchanted Atelier’s couture accessories at Hitched in Georgetown.  Take it away, Liv:

couture-cage-veil-enchanted-atelier-lauri-b-photography black-couture-cage-veil-enchanted-atelier-lauri-b-photography

Photo credit:  Laurie Bracewell Photography

One of the most common styling questions I get from brides that want to wear a cage veil is regarding how to style them and what to look for in their construction.  A cage veil is not a standard size or shape, so you should find out which design is best for communicating your signature style.  A well informed decision when purchasing a cage veil will make your wedding ensemble effortless!

Be Formed
A well formed cage veil should fit the shape of your face without having to pull or manipulate the fabric much at all.  The way the veil is stitched will change the shape dramatically so it is important that it is created by a trained milliner or seamstress.  The last thing a bride would want on her wedding day is having to tug at her cage veil, or worry about unflattering photos with a poorly shaped veil.

Perfect Placement
Place the veil behind the crown of the head and off to the side.  The veil looks the best when it falls above the lip and diagonally across the face.  I get requests at times for the cage veil to be chin length.  We can certainly accommodate this request, but we often suggest to the bride that in the moment of “you can kiss the bride” that a nose length cage veil will make it all about the kiss and not about what to do with the cage veil.

Finishing Touches
Another tip we give the bride is to look for the finished edge of a cage veil.  The finished edge should not be cut, unless you are looking for a more deconstructed look.  It should extend around the perimeter of the veil.  This is a tip that will also help the shape of the veil to fit the bride’s face correctly.  Often when the finished edge is cut it can cause the netting to stick out away from the face.  And most of all, the finished edge looks best in pictures.

modern-full-cage-veil-enchanted-atelier cage-veil-with-flower-enchanted-atelier

Photos courtesy of Enchanted Atelier

Cage veils also vary in the amount of “pouf,” so this should be considered when selecting a veil as well.  Many times when a bride tries on a cage veil in the store the netting can seem very light and limp from being handled and worn over time.  When the bride’s order arrives it is often very bright and the fabric is stiff.  A cage veil can be made to feel more light weight and with less volume by placing it between two towels and steaming the nettings for a few minutes.  (Make sure that you do not touch the iron directly to the netting or it can leave a mark or burn through the netting if it is not cotton or silk.)

Bonus Options
We offer a detachable cage veil netting option so that after your wedding you can remove the netting and leave the decorate flower or comb in your hair for the reception.


Stunning and helpful!  So, who is going out right now to get fitted for a cage veil?  Thank you so much, Liv.  Be sure to check out all of Enchanted Atelier‘s couture accessories, including veils, headpieces and sashes – each one is more stunning than the next!

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