We already know that a dramatic staircase makes for a picturesque grand entrance, but staircases also make a fantastic backdrop for all sorts of wedding photos.  Be they tall, wide, spiral, or all three, stairs can make for perfect first looks, unique portraits,  interesting ceremony sites and even fun engagement session settings.  Take a look these sprawling staircases that have all served far more purpose then getting you from here to there!


Photo Credit: Meghan Lynn Photography


Photo Credit: A Britton Photography

bride-and-groom-walking-up-stairs wedding-dress-hanging-from-stairs

Photo Credits: Deb Lindsey Photography (left), Studio Juno Photography (right)


Photo Credit: Ethan Yang Photography


Photo Credit: Love Life Images

bride-and-groom-on-spiral-staircase bride-walking-down-staircase

Photo Credits: DuHon Photography (left), Ethan Yang Photography (right)


Photo Credit: Rebekah J. Murray Photography

washington-dc-bride-and-groom-on-stairs bride-and-groom-with-staircase

Photo Credits: Armin DeFiesta Photography (left), Susan Hornyak Photography (right)


Photo Credit: Armin DeFiesta Photography

groom-and-groomsmen-on-stairs bridal-party-on-stairs

Photo Credit: Timmester Photography (left), Mary Kate McKenna Photography (right)


Photo Credit: Live It Out Photography


Photo Credit: Kristi Odom Photography


Photo Credit: Kristi Odom Photography

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