It really is the little things that make a dramatic and unexpected impact!  Who knew that you could turn a feather boa into a gorgeous wreath for your wedding!?  A while back we did an inspiration post on aisle decor.  I loved the feathered wreath that Pavaune from Invited shared with us for that aisle decor post.  She made the wreath for Melinda’s wedding out of a feathered boa!

white-feathered-wreath-for-dc-wedding washington-dc-wedding-bride-walking-down-aisle-sam-hurd-photography

Photo Credit:  Sam Hughes Photography

As a bonus, we have Pavaune back to share with us how she made this feathered wreath to hang on the aisle pews at Melinda’s wedding.  For around $10 (that’s right, $10!) you can make a feathered wreath in three easy steps using foam, a feathered boa and a few pins.  Lisa Marie from Sweet Tea Photography was able to capture a few images of Pavaune putting the wreath together.

Items needed:

  • 12″ foam wreath
  • 6′ white feather boa (preferably 80 grams)
  • White corsage pins
  • White satin ribbon

Instructions for DIY feathered wreath:

1.  Fluff feather boa to ensure maximum fullness.

2.  Take one corsage pin, and pin the cord of the boa to the interior of the foam wreath.

diy-feather-wreath-SweetTeaPhotography how-to-make-a-feathered-wreath-SweetTeaPhotography

Photo Credit:  Sweet Tea Photography

3.  Wrap the boa around the wreath making sure that you can not see the foam wreath through the feathers.

4.  Once fully covered, take the other corsage pin and pin the end of the cord to the interior of the foam wreath.


Photo Credit:  Sweet Tea Photography

5.  Take an 18″ length of ribbon and tie around the feathers at the top of the wreath to hang.

feather-boa-diy-wreath-SweetTeaPhotography white-feather-boa-wreath-SweetTeaPhotography

Photo Credit:  Sweet Tea Photography

Viola!   A beautiful feathered wreath!  Thank you so much, Pavaune for sharing these instructions with us.  For more from Invited, be sure to check out her website.  And, for more pretty pictures from Sweet Tea Photography, check out their website.

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