We love pretty wedding pictures.  We love photos that tell a love story.  But, how do you get those for your wedding?  How do you go about finding a photographer for your wedding?  Welcome to photography week!

There are so many wedding photographers in DC, MD and VA for you to choose from.  You can ask friends, family and other wedding vendors that you’ve already hired for photographer suggestion.  Also, the Internet makes it easy to find a cache of photographers to begin combing through.  Besides United With Love, there are tons of websites dedicated to finding that perfect photographer.  We like Junebug Weddings for the best in wedding photography.


Photo Credit:  Kate Haus Photography

Direct from the pros:  “I think couples should know that there are a ton of talented photographers out there, so the likelihood of them finding a great photographer is very high!  But, I do think every couple should strategically sit down with photographers and really get to know the them.  A couple should feel 100 percent comfortable with a photographer when they pick them.  So, couples:  Take your time, interview people, and really zero in on the kind of photographer you want to work with,” said Lisa Boggs.

The volume of choices is nice, but at some point you have to pick one or two and go for it.  This leaves the inevitable question:  How many photographers should I interview before hiring someone?  That is, how many photographers should you and your partner actually sit down with, ask detailed questions of, and really make an effort to get to know before you sign on that dotted line?

We polled the only people we thought would know the answer:  the wedding photographers in DC, MD and VA.

A majority (62%) of wedding photographers in DC, MD and VA recommended that couples interview three photographers before they hire someone.  The next recommendation (22%) was to interview just two photographers.  Only a few (10%) recommended sitting down with four or more photographers.  The last recommendation (6%) was to interview only one photographer.


Photo Credit:  Procopio Photography

The more photographers you interview, obviously, the more work on your part to set up the meetings and attend.  (By the way, we are hearing more and more that DC-area vendors are having virtual meetings via Skype!)  After three interviews, it gets to be overwhelming, you can’t remember who said what, even with the most detailed notes.  Do your research online in advance of an interview so that you are prepared to sit down and have quality conversations with just two or three wedding photographers.

Direct from the pros:  “We tell every single couple that meets with us, ‘If you cannot stand us now, you are not allowed to book with our studio, because if we are not a good fit, you do not want me there for your entire wedding day.  Just like trying on a pair of shoes…if they hurt in the store, they will kill you later!’  There are so many photographers with different styles, personalities, and products; we want to encourage couples to take their time to find the perfect match for them,” said Laura Ashbrook.


Photo Credit:  Megan Beth Photographer

The good news with websites and blogs is that you can get a pretty good feel for a photographer and their style before you actually meet them.  Photographers, as with most businesses, spend a great deal of time, effort and money on their website.  Use it to its fullest advantage and consider their online presence as the “pre interview.”  If you like them online, you are probably going to like them in person.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go out there start looking around for photographers to interview!  Check back all this week for more photography tips and advice.

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