It is often said that photography is the one area of your wedding that you don’t want to skimp on.  After all, you’ll have those pictures forever, once all the cupcakes are gone and your outfit is out of style.  That’s a lot of pressure!

Welcome to what we are calling photography week.  This is a week full of helpful advice direct from the professionals.  By the end of this week, you’ll have the tools and the confidence to go out and find yourself an amazing photographer to capture your wedding.  That is, a photographer that fits your style, your needs and your budget.


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Before we start, I’ll offer up some details about this week.  Namely, how we got the advice we are dishing.  Because, believe me, I can’t even take a picture with my cell phone.

Here at United With Love, we hear time and time again that engaged couples in the Washington, DC area have trouble finding two things:  a venue, and a photographer.  These two things happen to be very important to planning a wedding.  After all, once you lock down your partner, you’ll need a place to actually become married, and then you’ll want some pictures to savor the moment for years to come.


Photo Credit:  Love Life Images

I think the reason that couples have trouble with venues and photographers is because there are so many choices in the DC-area.  It is overwhelming to even begin looking; each one is better than the next and before you know it you’ve wasted hours and you are more confused than ever.  There are literally hundreds of wedding venues between Baltimore and Charlottesville, and at the time of this writing there are close to 200 photographers in our vendor guide.  (And, trust me I find a new photographer just about every single day, sometimes two or three!)

How could we possibly give you practical advice and be inclusive of all the great photographers DC, MD and VA has to offer?  A survey, of course!  That’s right, we took the pulse the DC-area wedding photographer community.  We asked them for the advice.  We asked them for the tips and the real scoop.  And, boy, did they deliver!  We were blown away by the number of responses and the volume of thoughtful advice.  We heard from an overwhelming number of photographers who serve all different budgets and styles.


Photo Credit:  Terra Dawn Photography

Since starting this blog and reading the responses to our survey, I can tell you this with a great deal of certainty:  The DC-area wedding photography community is talented (of course), active, generous and extremely supportive.  They really truly want you, the engaged couple, to have the best photographer for your wedding, even if it isn’t them.

So, come back all this week for our photography week full of advice.  In the meantime, be sure to check out our inspiration galleries or browse for local vendors.

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