There’s no need for props when you have a setting like the one in today’s rock the dress session!  (A “rock the dress” session is a modern twist on a traditional wedding portrait and is a chance for the couple to put their wedding gear back on for one last photo shoot that they wouldn’t had had time to do on their wedding day.)  When Marisa of misa*me photography sent this over, I was taken by the natural beauty of this historic woodland setting in Maryland, the perfect contrasting backdrop to have a little fun trashing, or rocking, this modern wedding dress!


From Marisa Meredith is the beautiful bride featured in this rock the dress post-wedding session along with her husband Donnie.  The session took place in November in the heart of Howard County near the Patapsco Park line and a viaduct dating back to the 1800s.  The setting was picturesque, featuring a slow moving creek, a fallen tree, soft evening light and a historic bridge.

outdoor-maryland-rock-the-dress-session outdoor-maryland-rock-the-dress-session14





More from Marisa:  Meredith’s stunning and flirty appearance and the warmth in the images is a little deceiving to the eye because the water was freezing! Traditional portraits of the pair quickly led to Meredith rocking the dress on a nearby fallen tree and jumping right into the creek with her fun pink polka dot rain boots.  The juxtaposition of a modern day bride with a historic setting made for timeless images.

outdoor-maryland-rock-the-dress-session8 outdoor-maryland-rock-the-dress-session3




Thank you so much, Marisa for sharing this rock the dress with us!  Be sure to visit misa*me photography.

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Photo Credits: misa*me photography

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