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Happy Weekend

posted by julianne

It has been one heck of a photography week.  I’m not sure what is more amazing:  That we made it through photo week, or that we managed to make it through this week without talking about the royal wedding?!  Whoops, I said royal wedding!  (Although, even I will admit, it was pretty amazing this morning!)  [read more…]

Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Photos

posted by Julianne

We are back with more advice for photography week.  This time, we are talking about the little things that you can do to make sure that you get the most out of your wedding day photography.  Perhaps you’ve splurged on the dream photographer, or you just really want to make the most of your day [read more…]

Unhappy With Your Wedding Photos?

posted by Julianne

We are back for more advice for photography week!  This time we are keeping it real and providing a few tips for what to do when things don’t work out as you envisioned. Few wedding photographers will admit it.  But, it happens.  Sometimes couples are unhappy with their wedding photos.  Regardless of whose fault it [read more…]

The Cost of Wedding Photography

posted by Julianne

You’ve heard it before:  photography is one area of your wedding that you want to splurge, because you’ll have those pictures forever.  But, the actual cost of photography can be a hard pill to swallow if you have never planned a wedding before.  You just want to marry your partner and have a fun party, [read more…]

Best Questions to Ask Your Photographer

posted by Julianne

This might be my favorite post for photography week.  This post is full of such good advice, even I can’t stand it!  (This is a mega post though, so stay with me because it is worth it, I promise!) Now that you know how many photographers you should interview, I bet you are wondering what [read more…]

How Many Photographers to Interview?

posted by Julianne

We love pretty wedding pictures.  We love photos that tell a love story.  But, how do you get those for your wedding?  How do you go about finding a photographer for your wedding?  Welcome to photography week! There are so many wedding photographers in DC, MD and VA for you to choose from.  You can [read more…]

What is Your Photography Style?

posted by Julianne

To kick off photography week, I thought I’d start with photography style.  Chances are if you have a wedding planner, or ask a friend for advice on finding a photographer for your wedding the first question they will ask you in return is, “What style of photography do you want?” If you are anything like [read more…]

Photography Week

posted by Julianne

It is often said that photography is the one area of your wedding that you don’t want to skimp on.  After all, you’ll have those pictures forever, once all the cupcakes are gone and your outfit is out of style.  That’s a lot of pressure! Welcome to what we are calling photography week.  This is [read more…]

Happy Weekend!

posted by julianne

My blog partner, Nole, is out of the country, so I’m running the show!  Look out!  It has been one heck of a week here at United With Love, but I made it through and I’m still in one piece, which is amazing!  Be sure to come back next week because we are doing a [read more…]

Meredith’s Outdoor Rock the Dress Session

posted by julianne

There’s no need for props when you have a setting like the one in today’s rock the dress session!  (A “rock the dress” session is a modern twist on a traditional wedding portrait and is a chance for the couple to put their wedding gear back on for one last photo shoot that they wouldn’t [read more…]

Theme Inspiration: Glam Goddess

posted by Julianne

If you want to go glamorous and regal, without going over the top, for your wedding then you are in luck, because we have some inspiration for you today!  Stephanie, owner of Bradshaw Styling, designed a wow-able tablescape for a recent Baltimore Bride magazine event.  She teamed up with a few fabulous Baltimore-area wedding vendors [read more…]

Vintage Destination Wedding in Washington, DC: James + Beth

posted by nole

Perhaps it’s the dapper tuxedos and the bride’s vintage wedding dress, but today’s wedding in Washington DC is so romantic and glamorous, it feels like it comes straight out of a movie!  Beth and James reside in London, but decided to have a semi-destination wedding at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in downtown Washington, DC [read more…]

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