Did I say table numbers? Let me rephrase that: Table numbers, names, paintings or even scientific elements may be more appropriate. These markers don’t just have to tell your guests where to sit, they provide a perfect little place to infuse a little pop of personality, making each table mean something special to you. Whether you choose to name them after your favorite books, or just add a touch of pizazz to those traditional numbers, don’t forget my philosophy- it’s all in the details!

periodic-table-element-table-number periodic-table-element-table-number-2

Photo Credit: Lisa Boggs Photography

Photo Credit: Anna Robin Weddings via Once Wed

caligraphy-table-number-in-wine-corks embroidery-hoop-table-numbers

Photo Credits: Adam Barnes Fine Art Photography (left), Andrew Reilly Photography via Bash (right)


Photo Credit: Design Curiosities via Oh So Beautiful Paper


Photo Credit: Weswen Design photographed by Marta Locklear

bird-painting-table-number duck-painting-table-number

Photo Credit: Debi Parker Photography

Photo Credit: Oslo Press photographed by Brandon Scott Photography


Photo Credit: David Schwartz Photography via Bash

book-inspired-table-number playing-card-table-number

Photo Credits: Blonde Photo (left), The Observatory (right)


Photo Credit: Laura Hooper Calligraphy photographed by Jennifer Lust via SoCo Events

photograph-table-number-1 photograph-table-number-2

Photo Credit: Katie Stoops Photography

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