There are a 1,000 different things to think about when planning your wedding.  Add to the list:  furniture.  It is often overlooked, but something that goes a long way in the comfort of your guests.  I’ve rarely seen a chair, bench or other piece of furniture not used at a wedding.  As much as people love to dance, they also need a place to take a break.  When used in the right way, furniture can also make a statement and define a space.  But, where to start?  We are fortunate to have Heidi from AFR Event Furnishings to offer some wedding furniture advice.  Take it away, Heidi:


It is sleek; it is comfortable; it is stylish.  No, we’re not talking about a new sundress.  We are talking about furniture, which truly is a forgotten element when it comes to designing your ideal wedding!

Furniture is always a good fit, whether you need lumbar support during the ceremony or a place to set your drink during the reception.  The best part of furniture it its versatility – it comes in all different shapes, sizes, heights, colors and price points.  Anyone can customize it to meet unique tastes and needs.

Incorporating furniture is not just about slapping sofas in a corner and forgetting about them.  Instead, it’s important to think about your guests and the wedding format.  Furniture is functional.  You want people to see and utilize it.  Will your guests spend the majority of the time on the dance floor?  Then scatter ottomans there.  Want an area for the older crowd to sit comfortably during cocktail hour?  Use items with a back rest that don’t sit too low to the ground and grandma will be happy.


Still not sure how to incorporate furniture?  Find inspiration from your favorite restaurant, bar or haunt.  Most likely, if you enjoy that environment in your day-to-day, you and your guests will enjoy it at your wedding.  Check home décor and lifestyle magazines for their entertaining section.  There is always a hangout area with some furniture element.  I love checking out advertisements for ideas.  I guarantee you that Ralph Lauren will always have a big brown leather or rattan couch, and Juicy Couture will have some sort of white or bold color wing back chair.

Furniture is a fun, gorgeous element that will provide a comfortable environment for your guests, so don’t forget about it!  Your guest will thank you for it.


Thank you so much, Heidi!  Great advice on where to start looking for ideas for wedding furniture.  If you are looking to rent furniture for your wedding in the DC area, check out AFR Event Furnishings.  You can order furniture online, or visit their showroom in Jessup, MD.

Looking for more advice for your DC, MD or VA wedding?  Check out our advice page full of tips from the professionals.

Photos courtesy of AFR Event Furnishings

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