We all know that a strapless dress and bare neck seem to be the latest go-to bridal look (for good reason!).  While we all love a good pair of sparkling earrings, we think some necklines deserve a little bling of their own.  Enter the statement necklace – big, bold and absolutely perfect for the right dress and the right bride.  I’ve rounded  up a few of my favorite brides (and bridal parties!) who chose daring pops of glamour to complement their wedding day attire!

An Updated Classic

Diamonds, rhinestones and pearls are classic bridal jewelry choices, but why not put a little twist on these staples?  Here layers of oversized pearls replace single strands and rhinestone bib necklaces replace simple diamond pendants.


Photo Credit: Paul Morse Photographs


Photo Credit: Janice C. Photography

Pearl-Bridal-Statement-Necklace Pearl-Bridal-Statement-Necklace

Photo Credits: Katelyn James Photography (left) and Genevieve Leiper Photography (right)


Photo Credit: Gillette Portrait Arts

Gold-Pearl-Bridal-Statement-Necklace Pearl-Rhinestone-Bridal-Statement-Necklace

Photo Credits: Amelia Johnson Photography via The Bride’s Cafe (left) and Jen Huang Photography (right)


Photo Credit: Garrett Hubbard


Photo Credit: Sloan Photographers

gold-statement-necklace gold-statement-necklace-close-up

Photo Credit: Sweet Tea Photography

A Pop of Color

If you aren’t afraid of color, but aren’t quit ready to rock the new colored dress trend either, add splashes of your wedding hues with a dramatic bauble instead!


Photo Credit: Janice C. Photography


Photo Credit: Sloan Photographers


Photo Credit: Bend The Light Photography

Photo Credit: Procopio Photography

An Age Old Tradition

Tradition rings true to this trend when you look to many culturally infused weddings, where brides have been wearing such fantastic, bold jewelry for centuries… I don’t even know if “statement necklace” even does them justice!


Photo Credit: A Little Bit of Whimsy Photography


Photo Credit: Photographick

..and don’t forget about the ‘maids!

Why not choose simple bridesmaid dresses and spice them up like this bridal party did.  I especially love the idea of letting each bridesmaid pick her own unique piece!

Photo Credit: Michelle Lindsay Photography

Anthropologie, known for its to-die-for accessories, launched their wedding line, BHLDN, this week and if you take a closer look you’ll find statement necklaces among the many bridal, and bridal party, looks!

BHLDN-Bridesmaid-Statement-Necklace BHLDN-Bridesmaid-Statement-Necklace

So, I know all you brides-to-be will make a statement on your wedding day, but will you be doing it with a necklace?  Let us know what you think of this trend!

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