We wanted to do a feature on non-traditional bouquet ideas for your wedding.  (Think wood, felt and veggies!) So, we asked the best person we know for the task:  Katie from Petal and Print.  In addition to being an amazing invitation designer, Katie also custom designs and hand creates fabric floral wedding bouquets.  Take it away, Katie:


Photo credit:  Flutter Glass Photography for Petal and Print

It is no secret that I love a lush floral bouquet.  Who can get enough of English garden roses, or fluffy local peonies?  The smell of a handful of beautiful fresh flowers is out of this world.  I work part time as a florist, and making thoughtfully arranged bouquets continues to be one of my favorite tasks.  So, why, when I got married, were flowers not in the mix?  I don’t really know.  Maybe it was budget, or it just didn’t fit our overall style?

Before we started planning our wedding I always thought we’d have them, but as we got further along with our vision for the day, it just didn’t seem like floral centerpieces were what we wanted.  I didn’t even really think about carrying a bouquet until I walked down the aisle at our rehearsal.  I felt so silly with nothing to hold on to.  What was I going to do with my hands?!

I got to work crafting a giant flower out of fluffy white flannel for use as my bouquet.  It is a decision that I will never regret, as it was the beginning of Petal and Print.  I was thrilled when Juli and Nole asked me to write a post on non-traditional and non-floral bouquets, and I have lots to share with you!  So, without further ado, let’s get started!

First off, one of my all time favorite non-traditional wedding bouquets is this one made of balsa wood flowers with gray dusty miller foliage by the talented and sweet Carrisa at JL Designs.


Photo courtesy of JL Designs

Another option for the non-traditional bride, are my giant fabric blooms from Petal and Print.  I craft each bouquet by hand out of quality linen, or silk and tulle.  Blooms are entirely custom and are hand-dyed, hand-cut, hand-ruffled, and hand sewn!


Photo credit:  Flutter Glass Photography for Petal and Print

Here is another beautiful, non-traditional bouquet idea from Carissa at JL Designs.  It does feature more flowers than the rest (poppies & parrot tulips), but it also makes use of one of my other favorite non-traditional bouquet options: succulents!


Photo courtesy of JL Designs

Succulents are great to use in your wedding decor ,as you can take them home and plant them or give them as favors to your guests.  Succulents were used all throughout this wedding by Penzi Weddings found here on the talented Stephanie Williams’ blog.


Photo credit:  This Modern Romance

Kale has become increasingly popular for use in bouquets and is a favorite of mine mixed into arrangements for any occasion.   Here is a simple bouquet of roses, kale and pittosporum that I just love by Shawn at The Floral Studio in Baltimore!


Photo courtesy of The Floral Studio

Last, but not least, are these AMAZING crepe paper flowers by Olivia from A Field Journal.  These would make the most spectacular bouquet!  I found them when she offered an easy to follow DIY on Janie’s wonderful blog, The Bride’s Cafe.


Photo courtesy of A Field Journal via The Bride’s Cafe

It’s apparent that I could go on for hours!  There are so many options out there, from vintage brooches, to paper, to fabric, even to vegetables!  The most important part, as with all things wedding planning, is that you choose a bouquet that speaks to your style, and that you work with a florist that will make your vision come to life.


Thank you, Katie, for sharing these awesome out-of-the-box wedding bouquet ideas.  If you want to see more of Kate’s work, check out Petal and Print’s website here, or her blog here.

If you are looking for looking for a DC area wedding florist to bring your non-traditional bouquet ideas to life, check out our vendor guide.

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