If you want something hand-made for your wedding, it is no secret that brides and grooms often turn to Etsy.  Vintage dresses, alternative bouquets, invitations, jewelery, you name it and you can find it on Etsy.  There are other sites dedicated to the handmade wedding like Emmaline Bride, but few can match the volume of sellers on Etsy.

I was looking around for Etsy sellers in the Washington, DC area and I found this.  It is a stream of all of Etsy sellers based in Washington, DC area.  There are so many things on Etsy that are wedding appropriate.  Here are a few that I found from sellers based in the DC area.

Love themed necklace from luckyduct:


Cocktail length wedding dress from p. colquett:


Modern paisley wedding invitations from Jujubee Desgins:


Personalized silver cuff links from Beads in the Belfry:


Hand pressed invitations from LetterpressLight:


Hand painted toasting flutes from Handpainted Gifts:


So, if you want to go hand-made AND local for your wedding, check out some of the sellers in the DC area Etsy stream.  Let us know if you find anything cool for your wedding!

*This post contains affiliate links.

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