There are all kinds of little ways to save money at your wedding, especially in the DC area where it can get really pricey very fast.  And, when you are in the business, you know the little tricks that help to save.  We have invitation designer Claudia from Fig. 2 Design here to give a few tips on picking colors and how to save money on your wedding invitations…including with that ever-gorgeous letterpress.  Take it away, Claudia:


Photo courtesy of Fig. 2 Design

What’s one of the first things you think of when planning a wedding?  Most people start to think of colors, colors that will reflect their personality, colors that will go with their venues, colors to go with the season they get married in.  And the first impression your guests will get of your color palette is with your wedding invitations.

Here are some tips:

  1. Most couples choose a pair of colors that define their wedding color palette.  If you plan to use pastels, be sure to pick a color that is dark or bright enough so that it can be used for the text portions of the invitations.  Choosing yellow and light pink may be pretty, but those two colors can make text hard to read.
  2. Letterpress is the most popular way to print your invitations, but due to the labor intensive process doing so can be pricey.  If you are stuck on letterpress, talk to your stationer.  Many stationery designers who design for letterpress, love the luxurious feel of the double thick paper.  So, one thing to do is to pick the regular weight card stock instead of the double thick.
  3. Again if printing letterpress, have your invitations printed in two colors if you can afford to do so.  Then print all the other components (rsvp, info cards, envelopes, etc.) in just one color.
  4. If that is still too pricey, print your invitations in letterpress and print the other components as flat printing.
  5. The best advice is to print as much as you can at once, the saving will be well worth it.  So, if possible, print your invitations, reply cards, thank you notes, escort cards, and menus at once, especially if printing flat.


Be sure to check back later today because we will have more from Claudia on when to order invitations and all the stationery time line details.  Thank you so much, Claudia for the insider knowledge!  Be sure to check out more from Fig 2 Design on her blog or website.

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