As promised, we’re back with more from Emily and Tony’s international wedding in Washington DC! Emily and Tony’s wedding reception features gorgeous floral arrangements along with beautiful textiles and beads from East and West Africa – all captured by the talented Kristi Odom. You can see their wedding ceremony too!


From Emily: Tanzania is also known for its Tinga Tinga artists.  The Tingatinga Arts Co-operative Society (TACS) in Dar es Salaam provided the painting that welcomed guests when they entered the Darlington House.

DIY-Africa-Inspired-Washington-DC-Wedding-Tanzania-Tinga-Tinga-Painting DIY-Africa-Inspired-Washington-DC-Wedding-Darlington-House-Reception

Sidra Forman arranged the mantels, using a mix of greens from her backyard and dahlias from a local farmer.  Sidra’s creations came from simple guidance: use only local materials, and base the color scheme a swatch of batik fabric from Ghana.  Sidra did an incredible job of translating the fabric’s mix of dusty rose colors, rich burgundy and green into lovely flowers throughout the space (including the largest dahlia we’ve ever seen in the bridal bouquet!).


WonderWelders, an incredible non-profit organization based in Dar es Salaam (the capital of Tanzania), specializes in metal work made from recycled materials by disabled artists.  WonderWelders made the striking metal candlesticks that decorate the fireplace mantels throughout the Darlington House.

DIY-Africa-Inspired-Washington-DC-Wedding-Darlington-House-Reception DIY-Africa-Inspired-Washington-DC-Wedding-Dahlia-Floral-Centerpiece



Hello gorgeous cakes!!



Hand-made garlands decorated the buffet and sign-in tables, inspired by glass beads from Koforidua, Ghana – bought from what is rumored to be the largest bead market in West Africa.


DIY-Africa-Inspired-Washington-DC-Wedding-Reception DIY-Africa-Inspired-Washington-DC-Wedding-Dupont-Circle-Darlington-House


To reflect the warmth that our guests bring to our lives, we sent everyone home with handmade favors filled with masala chai (spicy tea) mix. Emily sourced from Tanzania tea, black peppercorns, cloves, cardamon and cinnamon bark; we wrapped the mixes together in the same blue and white Ghanaian batik fabric that inspired the invitations.





Emily and Tony also took some time for portraits with Kristi – what a stunning couple!

DIY-Africa-Inspired-Washington-DC-Wedding-Bride-Groom-Portrait DIY-Africa-Inspired-Washington-DC-Wedding-Bride-Groom-Kiss


DIY-Africa-Inspired-Washington-DC-Wedding-Bride-Portrait DIY-Africa-Inspired-Washington-DC-Wedding-Bride-Portrait



A huge congratulations to Emily and Tony – thank you for sharing your wedding details with us!

The following DC-area wedding vendors contributed to Emily and Tony’s wedding:

Venue and Catering: Darlington House
Photography: Kristi Odom Photography
Wedding Cakes: MallowDrama
Floral Design: Sidra Forman

Don’t forget to visit our vendor guide for a full list of DC-area wedding professionals!

Photo Credit: Kristi Odom Photography

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