You can never be too prepared for the big day!  (Speaking of planning, have you entered our Washingtonian bridal event ticket giveaway??)  We asked a few of the Washington, DC area’s most prepared wedding planners for a sneak peak into their emergency kit for weddings.  Read on for what the local pros pack, plus a real life wedding crisis averted by quick thinking photographers and a well packed emergency kit.


Ritzy Bee Events (Maria Cook + Kelly Seizert)
“The answer…whats NOT in the kit!? We have everything from a to z….literally, aspirin to zip ties!”

Rex & Regina Events (Teresa Lee)
“Chalk – to masks stains on the bride’s dress or on the groom’s white tuxedo shirt; Safety pins, safety pins, and more safety pins; Playing cards if the groomsmen start getting restless; Tums; Mints; Straws – so that the bride and bridesmaids don’t smudge their lipstick”

Bellwether Events (Janice Carnevale)
“The most used things are mints, bobby pins, shout wipes, scissors.  I also have floral wire and tape, various kinds of satin ribbon, granola bars, straight pins and safety pins, needle/thread, thank you notes, band aids, pens, markers, blank note cards, Hollywood tape, Scotch tape, Visine, Neosporin, duct tape, lighters, matches, bug spray, aspirin, Benadryl, business cards.”

Bella Notte (Sara Bauleke)
“Scissors and safety pins get used at nearly every wedding I do, so they are must haves.  Shout Wipes, straight pins (to attach boutonnieres and corsages) and candle lighters are other items I use quite often.  A sewing kit is also a necessity – I don’t use it very often, but when I need it there’s no substitute for it.”

Event Accomplished (Vicky Choy)
“Sharpie…Tape of all kinds: Double-sided tape (removeable and permanent), duct tape, regular tape, packing tape, carpet tape…Sewing kit…Tissues…Aspirin…Mirror…Makeup remover….Hairspray…Clear nail polish…Chalk…Extra envelopes…anti static guard…bug spray and defogger (for outdoor events)…glue gun…bottle opener…straws…lotion”


Without knowing that there was a story behind the photo, I asked Paired Images Photography to use the top photo for this post. (I just liked what I saw on their blog!)  It was an ironic choice, because Jessica shared this true wedding story, plus the additional photo with the bouquet and scissors.  From Jessica:

We met the bride and bridesmaids at a hotel while they were getting ready.  The florist dropped off the bouquets and quickly left the room.  The bride looked a little down, so we asked if everything was OK.  She said she was fine, but then a half an hour later confessed that her bouquet was not what she had expected.  Jess and I had already been thinking this, looking at the bouquet with its random yellow daisies popping up in different directions.  With the bride’s permission, Latos grabbed a pair of nail scissors and went to work, cutting the daisies and fastening them back into bouquet.  When she was done the bride was happier with the now more polished looking bouquet.  Those nail scissors were found in the maid of honor’s emergency kit.  We are always grateful to be able to ‘save the day’.  We have found that it is really helpful, if a bride finds herself in a situation like this, that someone who isn’t emotionally involved fix the problem.  It is a lot easier for us to stay calm and come up with solutions.

Thank you to Paired Images Photography and our wedding planner friends!

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Photo Credits:  Paired Images Photography

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