Planning your wedding is overwhelming to say the least.  Where to start, how much money to spend, what to wear and the guest list!  Oh, the guest list!  We have Pavaune Pearson, owner of Invited, with a few tips for how to (sort of) become your own wedding planner.  Read on for a few of Pavaune‘s tricks of the trade…


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I want to let you in on a little secret, since I feel – as an engaged couple – it’s vital that you know these things.  While it is fabulously convenient to have your own professional wedding planner by your side, if you can work it into your budget, I also understand 100% that not everyone can!  The fact of the matter is you won’t be able to gain all the knowledge we have in the span of time it takes to plan your wedding, but you can at least get in on a few tips from our years of experience.

You Won’t Know if You Don’t Ask
Chances are you’ve never planned a wedding before, so you don’t know all the in’s and out’s of the industry.  You don’t know what to look out for or what could go wrong.  The key to making sure all your bases are covered?  Ask the professionals.  Ask your photographer what things have gone wrong at past weddings, and how he’s prepared to handle those things if they happen at yours.  Ask your florist what flowers can’t survive the summer heat, or which are best acclimated to the cold.  Ask your photographer when the best time to take your portraits is so the light complements your skin.  Ask away!  Do not be ashamed or afraid!  We love when you ask questions!

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Color
Some brides come to me wanting too many colors.  Some don’t know how to begin to pick their colors.  While other brides are downright afraid of color.  Don’t be afraid of color!  Color is one of the best places to let both your personalities shine. Figure out what your two favorite colors are.  (This is a great place to get him involved!)  Once you’ve established your two favorite colors (i.e. pink & blue, red & yellow or purple & green), figure out shades of either that will work for your season!  I’m a big fan of using any color no matter the season – just tweak the shade to work with the weather!  Hot pink won’t work in winter, but a nice tea rose pink will work great!  The best way to balance your two color options is with a nice background neutral to complement both.  The best options are browns, blacks, grays, whites, tans, etc.  The important thing to remember is: do not be afraid of using color, just remember to balance the colors with a neutral and you’re

Find Inspiration Where You Least Expect It
I speak to many brides who seem to look only in wedding magazines for ideas for their weddings, and every time I ask them, “Why?!” Look everywhere for inspiration!  Do not limit yourself to wedding magazines and websites.  Look at home décor magazines and hobby magazines.  Look at graphic design blogs and advice blogs!  Look outside when you’re hiking or at the beach.  You might find just the right color of blue you want, or the perfect shade of peach.  One of the best ideas I’ve ever gotten for a wedding was on a camping trip while admiring the moss on the trees.  Laying moss along the backdrop of the escort card holder for a rustic wedding was beautiful, practical and chic.  Do not limit
yourself!  Inspiration is everywhere!

I’m ready, are you!?  Thanks, Pavaune, for giving us a few wedding planning tips.  For more from Invited, visit Pavaune’s website here.

For more tips, check out our advice page full of information from the wedding professionals in DC, MD and VA.

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