We are back with more wedding printable goodness from Little Bit Heart!  (Check out their rehearsal dinner printable here.)  This time it is a little money saving tidbit for your friends or family who are so kind to host a wedding shower.  As the shower thrower, it can be fun to do a DIY invitation and go with something fresh.  The merging of the wedding rings and the kitchen utensils in this shower invite is so cute!


This “Shower Rings” printable from Little Bit Heart is perfect for showering the happy couple with love, well-wishes – and kitchen essentials!  (You get the shower invitation AND the theme in one!)  This printable invitation fits in A2 envelopes (4.25 x 5.5).  The featured font is Chunk by Meredith Mandel (Free download available here).



1.  Download the PDF file here, here, or here. (There are three different version of this shower printable!)  You can use any font you want with these printables – the featured fonts are just suggestions that Little Bit Heart likes with their  designs.  Before you open your PDF file, be sure to download and install any new fonts you’d like to use.

2.  Open your file in Adobe Acrobat 9.0 or later.

3.  Fill out your invitation text as you would any form.  When you’ve finished typing, you can change the font, color, size, and justification in the Properties bar if you’d like (View>Toolbars>Properties).

4. Save your file, and print.  It’s yours to print as many times as you’d like!

5. Contact Little Bit Heart at hello@littlebitheart.com with any questions.

* Please keep in mind: these files are for personal use only and artwork is copyright of Little Bit Heart.

You can add Little Bit Heart to your event, party or everyday right here.  Happy printing!

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