The best wedding looks start with a good foundation!  We are lucky to have Valerie Lucas, owner of Coup de Foudre, to talk about bridal lingerie and how to select the perfect wedding day undergarments.  Coup de Foudre is a gorgeous lingerie shop in downtown DC.  (You can also order online!)  Valerie can help you select the right bridal lingerie for your wedding dress and figure.  Take it away, Valerie…


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Having trouble deciding what to wear underneath your wedding dress?  Remember this:  the correct undergarment can slim your figure, lift your bust, and enhance the fit of your wedding dress.  For the best fit and results, however, you will need to purchase your lingerie before your first dress fitting.

Your wedding dress-style dictates the type of bra you should wear:

  • Going strapless with a high back? You will need a supportive strapless bra to lift you up as you walk down the aisle and keep you comfortable during those hours of dancing and socializing.  If you schedule a bra-fitting appointment, they will help you locate the right-sized bra, one that will fit properly and comfortably throughout your special day.
  • Going strapless with a lower back? Many strap-free wedding dresses dip deep into your back, making it difficult to wear any strapless bra.  Here, you should wear a long-line bra or bustier – like those offered by Le Mystere or Elomi, for full-figured brides.  A bustier contains discrete and concealed “boning” providing support and, thereby, avoiding the need for constant re-adjusting.  A bustier also provides a snug fit around your mid-section, giving you an even smoother and leaner look underneath your wedding dress.
  • Wearing a backless gown? You may want to consider adhesive cups, like NuBra Feather-lite, that stick to your skin.  The primary benefit of these cups: no bra will show across your back.  However, because these cups don’t provide the same support as a bra, you probably should avoid the cups if you are bigger than a D cup.

Five Tips To Consider:

  1. Be aware of how low your gown hits your back.
  2. Know how much cleavage is appropriate for your dress and style – i.e., are you looking to maximize lift or minimize cleavage?
  3. Keep your gown’s fabric in mind, and choose seamless lingerie for gowns made of organdy or silk chiffon.
  4. Ask about the store’s return policy, and time your bridal lingerie purchase with your first wedding dress fitting.
  5. Bring your underwear, shapewear, and hosiery options to your dress fitting.  And, as a “test run” for your wedding day, wear these garments for an entire day to ensure that they stay in place and feel comfortable throughout the day.

The main focus is your wedding dress.  So don’t ruin it by wearing the wrong, ill-fitting undergarment.


Thank you so much, Valerie!  We can all use a little undergarment advice, and your wedding day is no exception.  You can visit Coupe de Fourdre in downtown DC.  Click here to visit their website.

Be sure to check out Coup de Foudre and other bridal attire specialists in our DC wedding vendor guide.

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