In the category of cool things that Maryland wedding vendors are doing is the Snapshot Studio.  I’ve loved this wedding reception treat since I first experienced it myself at a networking party in Vegas.  A photo booth at your wedding is fun, but also a luxury, for sure.  Lots of photographers have turned to making (or buying) their own portable photo booths as an added bonus for their clients.  If you can find a photographer who has their own photo booth alternative, you can save some money and get some cool pictures!

The Snapshot Studio is a handy little DIY photo booth for photographers.  Your wedding photographer brings it, quickly sets it up and off you and your guests go with taking your own photo booth pictures.  You even get to work the camera remote!  The photo booth props and background options are truly endless.  Don’t these people look like they are having fun?


Here is a list of wedding photographers in the greater DC area who have the Snapshot Studio:

Does your photographer have a photo booth option?

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