Bridal market in New York City just ended and if you are on the hunt for the perfect wedding dress in the DC area you might be wondering:  What exactly is bridal market?  And, what does it mean for me on my wedding dress search?  This post (and the one to follow) is a treat, for sure!   We have Jessica Fox, a writer, blogger and bridal market vet, just back from NYC with a first-hand account (plus pictures!) of the festivities.  Take it away, Jessica

Ines-Di-Santo-Spring-2011-wedding-dressRomona-Keveza-Spring 2011-wediding-dress

Left:  Ines Di Santo;  Right:  Ramona Kevez

Bridal Market is a wild whirlwind of wedding gowns!  But before I get to the good stuff (dresses), I thought I’d take this opportunity to give you DC girls the skinny.

There are actually several Bridal Markets that happen every year.  There are events in Chicago and Vegas, but the one in NYC gets the most press.  Probably because it’s Bridal Couture Market.  That little word “couture” makes everything a little more fancy.  Plus, it’s in NYC, which is good enough reason for me.  In this case, “couture” means that all the high-end designers will be showing.  Vera Wang, Monique Lhuillier, Oscar de la Renta, Marchesa…every name that rings all kinds of marvelous bells.

A lot of other fantastic, but perhaps a little less breathlessly murmured names show there, too – Amsale, Claire Pettibone, Sassi Holford, Romona Keveza, Ines Di Santo, Lea-Ann Belter, Modern Trousseau, Junko Yoshioka, Lela Rose. On runways and showrooms everywhere, from the Piers and Intercontinental Hotel to The Plaza, flagship stores, and designer studios, for a few tulle filled days in NYC, bridal takes over.


Left and right:  Modern Trousseau

Bridal Market’s main purpose is wholesale.  Buyers from bridal boutiques all over the country arrive to see collections, select gowns they think their customers will buy, and place orders (in what’s called a writing appointment) for samples.  After that, market is geared toward press – all that editorial, blog, and Twitter coverage gets the word out to anyone in the market for a wedding gown!

Usually, the dresses shown at market won’t be at stores for several months, hence the name “Spring 2011/Fall 2011.”  As in not-in-stores-until-a-timeframe-when- they’ll-be-worn-for-Spring 2011/Fall 2011-unless-production-is-on-fire-and-gets samples-to-stores-in-a-flash-or-you-go-to-a-trunk-show.  [Click here for a list of upcoming bridal trunk shows in the Washington, DC metro area.]

Kind of cruel, no? After looking at all the pictures and seeing that mad all-pervasive coverage, you don’t even get to run to the nearest bridal salon to try them on!  But I’m not letting that stop me from adding my own two cents into the mix…

Check back later this afternoon for Jessica‘s wedding dress trend watch from this year’s NYC Bridal Market.

Be sure to check out our vendor guide for bridal dress shops in the Washington, DC area.

Photo credit:  Jessia Fox

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