What could make an engagement photo shoot session a little more fun?!  Wine tasting, of course!  Local vineyards in Maryland and Virginia are great spots for outdoor weddings and a fun tour with the ladies on a bachelorette party.  And, we really love vineyards for engagements too!  Jennifer and Brian met up with Mary Kate McKenna to take some beautiful engagement photos at the Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard in Maryland.



From Jennifer:  Brian and I met through mutual friends who knew we were perfect for each other long before we knew it.  Once meeting, our similar personalities and sense of humor made use completely understand our friends’ thoughts.

MD-couple-at-vineyard-for-engagement-session-Photo-credit-MK-McKenna Engagement-photos-at-MD-vineyard-Photo-credit-MK-McKenna


Brian and I love sharing good meals and good wine together, so we chose the Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard for our engagement session.  Before the shoot, we were able to enjoy their wine and roam the land.  The vineyard was a beautiful and natural setting for the pictures with its grapevines, meadow, and red barn.  It was a wonderful contrast to our indoor wedding site, which features clean and modern lines.


Engagement-photos-at-Maryland-vineyard-Photo-credit-MK-McKenna MD-vineyard-Sugarloaf-Mountain-Photo-credit-MK-McKenna


vineyard-engagement-session-in-Maryland-Photo-credit-MK-McKenna Engagement-session-at-vineyard-in-MD-Photo-credit-MK-McKenna

Makes you want to uncork a bottle of Bordeaux, doesn’t it??  Congrats to Jennifer and Brian!

Photo Credit:  Mary Kate McKenna Photography

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