Look out candy bars, food trucks might be next big thing to hit weddings!  Food trucks are all the rage across the country and certainly here in the Washington, DC area too.  From tacos to Indian to cupcakes, you can order up just about any food from a truck parked on a Washington, DC curb.

Photo credit:  Poetic Reality Photography via Engaging Affairs

Food trucks in the DC area are popular with the lunch-time crowd, but I wondered if you could get a food truck for your wedding.  How fun would it be to have a food truck roll up to your cocktail hour or hand out late night snacks to your guests?

I took an unofficial poll of a few food trucks in the Washington, DC area.  Here is what I found…

Fojol Brothers
To get the magical Merlindia truck, fill out this form here.

Eat Wonky
For more info, send catering requests through here.

DC Slices
For catering info, send an e-mail.

Curbside Cupcakes
For large order requests, call (202) 495-0986 or e-mail.

To get the SweetFlow Mobile, call (202) 387-8888 or e-mail.

To get a saucamobile, fill out this form here.

Red Hook Lobster Pound
To get the lobster truck, call (202) 341-6263 or visit here.

The best part about bringing a DC food truck to your wedding?  (Besides the food, of course.)  They are unique and vibrant, some even play music and dress up!  What’s not to love?  Great food and a great atmosphere makes for a great wedding!

What about you?  Yay or nay on the DC food truck revolution?

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