Washington, DC is a small, but mighty city.  It is only about 61 square miles, which isn’t really that big if you consider all that goes on in our nation’s capital.  But, what really helps to define Washington, DC is the area that surrounds the city.  Some call it the DC metro area, the DMV, the greater DC area, the Beltway, the national capital region.  Call it what you will.  When it comes to weddings in Washington, DC, the DMV is most definitely made up of all of its parts.


Photo Credit:  Amie Otto Photography

When we were developing our blog full of ideas and inspirations for Washington, DC area couples, we quickly settled on weddings and vendors that service Baltimore, MD to Charlottesville, VA and everything in between.  With downtown Washington, DC as the center, we stretch west to the Shenandoah mountains, and east to Annapolis and the shores of Maryland.

The Washington, DC area is a vibrant community full of wedding professionals who serve a lot of people, a lot of couples, and cover a lot of ground.  There was no way that we could talk about a wedding in Arlington, VA without mentioning a wedding in Bethesda, MD.  And, we could hardly talk about a vendor based outside of Baltimore, MD without talking about one based in Annapolis, MD.

What does this mean for couples who get married in the Washington, DC area?  Choice.  Couples in the Washington, DC area have their pick of tens of, and often hundreds of, wedding vendors in each category.  Nearly all of the wedding vendors based anywhere in the Washington, DC area service the entire area.  It is not uncommon for a wedding in Gainseville, VA to have a vendor from Laurel, MD.

With websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, online reviews and good old-fashioned referrals, couples can get a pretty good sense of their wedding vendors even before they meet.  Add that together with phone calls, e-mails, in-person visits, and you’ve got a wedding vendor team from all over the region.  I even saw one local wedding company that offers Skype consultations!

So, go for it Washington, DC couples, look all over the region for wedding vendors!  Use our comprehensive DC area wedding vendor guide to get started.

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