Unsure of what to do for your DC area wedding engagement session?  We are excited to bring you make-up advice from a pro!  Maryland’s makeup expert, Amie Decker, owner of Amie Decker Beauty, gives you five tips for looking your best for your engagement session photos.  Take it away, Amie

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So you have your engagement session coming up and you have gone through the torturous process of coordinating outfits, schedules and locations in the Washington, DC area, when the thought occurs to you…“What am I going to do about my hair and makeup?”

Here are a few suggestions that I have to offer all of the DC area brides in this predicament.

1.  Resist the temptation to use your FREE makeup and hair trial for your engagement session.
Many of the local hair and makeup professionals that specialize in bridal hair and makeup include a trial run-through with their bridal package.  The purpose of this trial is so that the stylist/makeup artist has the opportunity to collaborate with the bride and accomplish the actual hair and makeup “look” that will be completing on the wedding day.  Why would you want your hair and makeup the exact same in your engagement photos as it will be on your wedding day?  I don’t know about you but I usually wear my makeup differently when I am wearing skinny jeans and boots then when I am in a formal gown.  A great idea is to hire your hairstylist and makeup artist for your engagement photos and wait to do your trial closer to the wedding day.

2.  DO wear makeup
Even if you never wear makeup and the thought of wearing blush gives you heart palpitations, this is one of those situations that you really ought to conquer your fear.  A little makeup can go a long way when it comes to photos.  If you feel completely inept, then enlist the help of a professional.

3.  Reapply those lips
News flash!  Lots of kissing goes on in an engagement session, so always remember to carry your lip color with you for the photos.  Your fiancé might not LOVE wiping your lip gloss off his lips all day, however, the best way to look just as fresh at the end of the session as at the beginning is to touch up that smoocher.

4.  Tell a story
When deciding how to do your hair and makeup for your session, try to keep in mind that you are telling a story with your photos.  Once you have your DC-area location picked out with your photographer, you can choose outfits that go along with the vibe of the location and then hair and makeup can play a huge role in supporting the “love story” you are telling with your photo shoot.

5.  Have Fun!
This is the time to go all out and to take the fun beauty risks that you might not take on a daily basis.  Leave classic for the wedding day.  Go vintage, wear color, or use a fun flower in your hair.  You can still look like yourself AND have fun with it!

Special thank you to Amie for sharing her expertise on engagement session makeup!  Check out more from Aime on her website and blog here.

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